“Don’t rely on men”, a father once said.

Life in developing country 101.

My small chats with taxi drivers 101.

Today I had a chat with the taxi driver, talking about how he became a driver after working abroad for years as a tailor. He lived in Lebanon, Syria, Gulf area where he was paid by dollars.

He was moaning over all the money he had wasted, without saving for the future.

As we live in a country that has not any significance of secured future, so he is working two shifts to try and save any money again.

He is divorced, his children got married only a girl left and she is living with him, studying in an institute of art. She is teaching other kids as well to help her dad.

I liked how he talked about her ambition & her courage.” She has become courageous young girl because of me. ” He said.

“I will tell you what happened with us the other day,”

” She was on her way back home from the institute when she got harassed sexually by a truck driver, and he ran after he did what he did.

She went directly to the nearest police station to report what happened, they went on searching for him after she gave them his details. She went back home and told me what happened, I was stunned with her courage that after what happened she is still standing strong and going on the process of reporting and searching on her own. I was amazed that she didn’t need my help as her father in this situation, and I was proud.

After 5 hours, the police called as they found the guy and arrested him, so we had to go to make sure it was him. We did and he confessed.

I am telling you this story because I am proud and I’m not worried about her anymore. She didn’t need anyone to back her up in such situation, and am that’s how it shall be for the rest of her future.

She wants to go for masters after graduation and I will support her with all what I have. Her achievements and certificates is what will ensure her a future, not the husband. A girl can never rely on a man to secure a future. I know how they think, if they saw a prettier one they’ll do whatever they can to get her, even if that includes leaving their marriage behind. And I want my girl to be strong, I don’t want her to depend on anyone but herself.”