Today I knew, I learned the lesson.

It seems that for the past couple of weeks, the past has been repeating itself.

Same incidents happening at the same time with the same sequence. And if it happened in the past then this means it was either something good, or was just there to teach you something.

It was so obvious back then, that what happened wasn’t good, it messed my life up and since then I haven’t fully recovered. So I knew it’d be there to either teach me or it will end up with a promising finale. So far today I saw the lesson.

Today, I learned that even though I got hurt and badly damaged from my role model that no longer count as my source of inspiration. I learned that it’s okay to still recognize his achievements on his personal life. Disregarding the incident we had professionally, when I heard about his success today, I was glad. There are no hard feelings anymore. That is the perk of the passing time. It gives you a better view, better perspective. We are humans, and I chose to forgive him.









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